“I do desire we may be better strangers”

William Shakespeare is a writer and poet from the United Kingdom, well known for his menagerie of exotic birds and love of box wine. At a house party he once shouted at the top of his lungs ”ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE, AND ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN MERELY PLAYERS!,” then promptly threw his glass at the wall and walked out the door. No one saw him for weeks after, but his agent told people he was on a “mystic quest” and would be back when “winter tames man.” William’s works have been translated into more than 75 different languages.

This capsule collection is a collaboration between HOUSE OF WILDWOOD and WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE to rewild* a number of dinner jackets back into the fashion ecosystem. Each item is a celebration of Shakespeare’s colorfully inventive prose, rife with evocative symbolism and cheeky irreverence. Through bold shapes and simple geometries our designs echo the bombast of Shakespearean English. Be elegantly theatrical, and stylishly pragmatic in this timeless classic.  

*Rewild[ing] is a form of ecological restoration and conservation designed to restore a natural equilibrium in an ecosystem. This may require active human intervention to achieve, and can include waste removal, facilitating connection, and strategic reintroduction.