Everything in our NATURAL DYE collection has been hand dyed with plants by us in our sunlit Victoria studio. We use dried plant extracts and zero chemicals or plastics in the dyeing process––wooden spoons, upcycled elastic bands from veggies, an aluminum pot instead of powdered alum and homemade soya milk as a mordant. 

The beauty of natural dyeing process is that each item––even from the same dye pot––is totally unique and impossible to duplicate. Variations in colour such as streaks, patches or bright spots of dye are an intrinsic part of the process. Natural dye has a mind of its own, and changes over time with each wear and wash. 

Because we love dyeing things with plants and we want everyone enjoy their HOUSE OF WILDWOOD™ creations forever, we started the (RE)DYE PROGRAM. If at some point down the road you want your naturally dyed item to get a colour refresh, shoot us an email at hi@houseofwildwood.com with your name, original order number, and a picture of your item and we'll get the process started. Shipping costs (and duties, if applicable) are non-refundable on your end, but we will ship it back to you for free, and you can enjoy a freshly custom dyed garment!  

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Enjoy nature!