We believe in two maxims: 1) that fun is good and 2) suffering is bad. All the objects we make are based on these two fundamental beliefs.


Founded by idealistic, eco-conscious millennials, HOUSE OF WILDWOOD™ is the anti-corporate manufacturer. Our company ethos is one of circularity and artistic exploration. Every piece we create is handcrafted using recycled and reclaimed materials.


Inspired by the rebellion of the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement, and fuelled by modern environmentalism, HOUSE OF WILDWOOD's production is distinctly anachronistic––every step of happens in the same space, from sketching designs to construction to tagging final products. HOUSE OF WILDWOOD is founded on the economic principles of circularity, and uses only recycled and deadstock materials in creating their one-of-a-kind garments and furnishings. Their newest project involves remaking existing garments,rewilding them back into the fashion ecosystem; making what was once old, new again.