HOUSE OF WILDWOOD X The Parkside Hotel


Urban environments can be harsh—brutalist concrete towers, looming over giant beige walls. Artists have, for centuries, been engaged in a community enhancement project that the Romans gave a name: Graffiti. As a product of regulatory necessity, hotel drapes are a pragmatic mixture of aesthetic and practicality: fire retardant and light resistant, while still being part of the decors supporting cast—they are the concrete tower. We were inspired by the Roman’s method and reimagined the drapes as a blank wall: something poised to become meaningful.

Inspired by the audacity of classic streetwear, this limited capsule collection is an experiment in resource sharing, and a celebration of transformation. Each item is made to order in our Victoria, BC atelier, using only recycled materials.

Sales from this collection between 16 SEP - 16 OCT were donated to the Canadian non-profit Oceana, to help restore ocean abundance and protect sea-life habitats.