HOUSE OF WILDWOOD™ delights with iconoclastic reinterpretations of classic styles and motifs; inspired equally by history and rebellion, and with a reverence for tradition and artistry, they make what was once old, new again.


Founded by idealistic, eco-conscious millennials, HOUSE OF WILDWOOD™ is the anti-corporate manufacturer. Our company ethos is one of circularity and artistic exploration. Every piece we create is made by hand, slowly, in small batches. We exclusively use recycled and vintage materials, creating one-of-a-kind garments and furnishings, as well as remaking existing garments, rewilding them back into the fashion ecosystem.

At HOUSE OF WILDWOOD we believe in beauty and functionality. We make things in small batches, by hand, so we can pay close attention to all the details, creating pieces that stand the test of time. Great art doesn’t go out of style, instead it is cared for and appreciated as time passes. We see clothing as wearable works of art. We abhor the fast fashion processes which are devastating the earth and refuse to take part. As consumers we need to buy less and choose better, and as creators, we aspire to have a positive impact in the world.